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whedon100's Journal

Joss Whedon 100
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whedon100 is a community where you claim a certain subject from one of Whedon's fantastic TV shows, and make either 50 or 100 icons of that subject within a certain time limit. The idea comes from communities such as icons100 and iconfiend100. Kudos to them!

Quick links: Claims List | Waiting List | FAQ

[x] The shows we focus on are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly. And no, Buffy the movie does not count...
[x] Start by joining the community. You must be a member to take part!
[x] Go to the subject claim post, and if your subject is not already taken you may claim it in a comment. Please specify the subject, the show and whether you'd like to do 50 or 100 icons.
[x] You're allowed to claim any of the following:

- Actor/actress
- Character (conditions apply depending on the character)
- Season
- Episode
- Ship/pairing (romantic or otherwise)

[x] If you have an idea for a subject that fits none of the above, pitch me the idea in your application and we'll discuss.
[x] If you'd like to be next in line to make icons of your preferred subject, go to the waiting list and leave a comment.
[x] Once your claim has been approved, you have 10 weeks to complete 100 icons and 5 to complete 50.
[x] If you want, you can claim two subjects, but you'll still just have 10/5 weeks to complete both projects.
[x] After your claim has been approved you have two weeks to post your first batch. If you don't meet the deadline, the subject goes back up for grabs!

[x] As for character claims: If you claim a regular character, as in Buffy, Angel, Spike, Willow etc., you may only do one season at a time. If it's a character from two of the shows (such as Angel, Spike, Cordy) then you can only choose one season from one show. This allows for more subjects for people to claim! Example claim: Angel from season 4 of AtS.
[x] Obviously there are no character or season restrictions concerning Firefly-related subjects, except this one: No movie caps or promos!
[x] If you choose a ship/pairing, it does not have to be canon! Slash, both femme and male/male, is most welcome as well.
[x] Episode claims: Episodes that have two parts count as two episodes. Again, allowing for more claims.
[x] Choose wisely. Make sure to pick a subject you're confident you'll be able to make tons of icons of!

[x] When it comes to posting the icons, you're by no means expected to post them all at once, though you're welcome to if you'd rather! The minimum for each post is 10 icons.
[x] Please state the subject/series in your post, and the batch number as well as how many icons you've completed so far. It helps with archiving purposes!
[x] If your post contains icons of a questionable rating, please mention it in the cut tag! Violence, nudity, strong language...all that stuff.
[x] You're welcome to link to outside posts if you'd rather post them in your personal/icon journal.
[x] Please state your resources, such as brush credits. A link to your general resources page is fine.

[x] All of the icons must be new, made by you and made from scratch.
[x] Put some effort into your work! You're here to show your love for your favourite show, a simple crop and slapping on some text is no fun.
[x] Half of your icons must include the following themes. If you're doing 50 icons you use 15 themes, if you're doing 100 you use all 30 themes.
[x] Interpret them as you will! There's no Theme Police around to berate you if you do it wrong. There is no wrong. Just have fun with it!

Yes, a lot of these are the same as in ships100. Can you blame me? -.-

01. Love me
02. Piss off!
03. Hardship
04. Drama
05. Gold
06. Youth
07. Loneliness
08. Terror
09. My name is..
10. Betrayal
11. Answers
12. Forever
13. Tomorrow
14. Bitch, please
15. Friends forever
16. Wrath
17. Blue
18. Emotions
19. Yellow
20. Seeing red
21. Despair
22. Reckless
23. Choice
24. Agony
25. Contradiction
26. Pink
27. Wheeeee!
28. Anti-hero
29. Questions
30. Family

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